After a long day at work, it is nice to unwind and play billiards with friends. To cut the expense of playing outside, you can just invite them over to your house. After all, you still have your old pool table hanging on there at the garage. You just need to transform it to an entertainment space to make it look inviting to your friends. One way of doing that is by selecting the pool table light which is just right for you.

Where is the best place to search for your pool table light? Well, if you go out and do window shopping at the stores, you can only find limited styles of billiard lights. But if you want to have hundreds of choices in just one click, the internet can offer you a lot of options. Just search for the best website and you will see the various styles that are awaiting you.

There are different types of pool table lights. The most common are the ones that have the brand names of your favorite beer or beverages. You can usually see these at bars, restaurants or pubs. To make it more personal, you may choose to embed pictures or logos of your favorite sports team, be it basketball or baseball. You can also choose between modern or traditional styles.

Modern styles of billiard lights will give you a welcoming feeling. It is made up of highly polished material with vibrant designs to give it a striking look. On the other hand, traditional styles offer you a warm feeling. Its frosted vintage design with mosaic and antique metals give it a classy look. But if you prefer a more elegant style, go for Tiffany. It is made up of stained glass rich in vibrant colors or textures.

Once you have decided on the type of ambiance for your entertainment room provided by the style of your billiard light, it is time to consider the more important things. In order for your pool table lights to work, you need to choose and install them appropriately. And how do we do that?

First, you need to consider the length of the light. It should be directly proportional to the length of your pool table. Ideally, for every foot of your billiard table, the length of light you need is 5 inches. For example, if you have an 8 foot pool table, the length of light needed is 40 inches or more.

Second is the height of the billiard light from the pool table. It should be within the level of the player's nose. Imagine if it is too low, the players might actually hit the light bulb. On the other hand, if it is too high, it might hurt the eyes of the players from the glare of light coming from the bulb. So on average, the pool table light should only be 32 inches from the bed of the billiard table.

Your purpose of designing your family room is for recreation, in other words to play. A beautiful design will not make sense if your pool table light provides poor lighting. It will not be conductive for playing at all. This is the most critical factor that you really need to consider. Nowadays, manufacturers have produced lights that are not too blurry or bright which is good for your eyes. These may be costly. So, if you are in a tight budget, you can always be creative. Use your existing lights at home such as pendant lights with multiple bulbs. Simply hang them in a row. Viola! Now you have an instant table pool light.

Source by Danny Ricks


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