Volleyball is one of those sports that anyone can play. People as young as 10 learn the sport and many elderly people also play the sport. Regardless of whether you are a girl, boy, woman or man there is a spot on a volleyball court for you to find. Girls volleyball is incredibly popular through the world, and for good reason. Volleyball is truly a lot of fun, and everyone who has played it would know this. Girls volleyball is very competitive, with state, national, international and even Olympic teams. The difference between girls and boys volleyball is nothing, other than the net height.

Girls volleyball uses nets that are slightly lower due to the average height of girls being less than that of boys. At full height, the net difference is only a few cm though, so it's just as much of a challenge to get the ball over the net for boys and girls. Other than this, the volleyball played is identical, although girls tend to be a little less aggressive in general. However, this does not mean that the games are not serious, because they are! Even in the junior games girls volleyball is well worth watching.

One thing to note is that volleyball is not mixed sex very often. Interestingly, a girl can play in a boy's team, but not the other way around. Of course, there are age restrictions that must be met, and this only happens when the team is low on players. You would never see this in a full on professional game of volleyball. If you are looking for a team sport that is a whole lot of fun (and you are a girl), seriously look into playing volleyball; you will have a blast.

Source by Sally Harkar


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