I am a beginner golfer who is now seriously committed to a significant improvement this golf season. I have been very fortunate to cross paths either in person or via online golf tips with really good golfers who have been generous enough to explain in plain language the processes that “really” worked for them. In this article I discuss how focusing on putting is going to help us get to our true goal which is to significantly and permanently lower our handicap.

I am a big believer in the Pareto Principle which states that “80 Percent of (You Name It) Comes From, Or Can Be Explained By 20 Percent of (You Name The Cause).” So, for example, in golf I believe that 80% of my improvement has come from focusing on 20% of the possible action areas.

I have been playing golf for only two full summers now and can safely say that I have advanced during that time period from Triple Bogey or worse in my first summer to Double Bogey status this summer.

I live in the upper Midwest so I can’t play as often as I like due to the approximately 7 months of non-golfing weather that we get. This means that in order to make progress (without breaking my budget) I have to spend practice time where I can get the most bang for the buck.

In my mind there are five areas from which a beginner can choose to focus in order to improve. These are:

o Tee-Off Technique

o Fairway / Iron Play Technique

o Trouble Shot Technique

o Short Game Technique

o Putting Technique

The number one thing I believe any beginner can do to instantly improve their game and lower their scores is learn to lag putt, make the ensuing short putt automatic, and learn to read greens. In other words, learn to putt like a pro.

In terms of the Pareto Principle, never having a three-putt will probably cover 60 to 80 percent of the scoring improvement that we non-professional weekend golfers can attain! Yet this is also the easiest part of the professional golfer’s repertoire to copy.

In summary, one of the best golf tips for beginners that I have received involves increasing your putting skill to its highest level because this will give you a huge return on time invested. Yet this is clearly one of the most overlooked and underutilized golf tips for beginners, period. You Want a Tip? Practice putting. Practice putting way more than long drives, etc., until you make the process of two-putting an afterthought.

Source by Alan Sanders


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