Learning how to cure a golf slice is one of the quickest ways to lower your golf scores. For average golfers slicing the golf ball is easily the most common problem. It's important to understand why you slice the ball so you can enjoy the game frustration for years to come. Correcting a golf slice is a must if you are intent on becoming a good golfer.

You can cure your golf slice just by practicing some basic golf swing tips and instructions.

Correct Golf Stance

Your golf stance should be with your feet about shoulder width apart. It is important to have your shoulders aligned at your target. A good tip is to have your back foot pointing straight ahead and your lead foot on a slight diagonal angle. To help maintain this place keep your elbows as comfortable and natural as possible.

The stance is crucial because even slight adjustments can have major impacts on which direction your ball will travel. First practice at the driving range until it feels comfortable and make any adjustments until you start hitting the ball straight.

Correct Golf Grip

Another good way to cure a golf slice is to ensure you have the proper golf grip. Hold the club in your fingers with your left hand and place your thumb along the shaft. There should be a gap between your thumb and index finger that you can use as a guide. This should be pointing at your right eye if you are doing it correctly. Gently interlock the right pinkie into the left index finger and wrap your right hand across your left. (for right handers)

Most golfers that slice have a weak right hand that causes the club face to open or not get square at impact. You can correct this by rolling your right hand slightly to the right away from the target so that more of your palm is facing the target. What this does is it encourages the right hand to naturally roll over at impact helping to get the club face square.

You can practice and experiment with different degrees of strong and weak grips until you find a happy medium. Keep making small adjustments until you get it right. It may seem simple but it is one of the best ways to cure a golf slice.

The Right Golf Swing Mechanics

Another cure for fixing a golf slice is getting the correct golf swing mechanics. Ensure your backswing begins with the hands then rings through the arms and shoulders. This should be a smooth and effortless motion.

The downswing starts with the legs, eyes focused on the ball and your head behind the ball as you follow through. Practice this movement over and over until it feels right.

Keep practicing these basics on a regular basis until they become habit. These basics can cure a golf slice a lot faster with repetition and application.

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