To quickly lower the scores you post I suggest that you first improve your thinking, both as you practice as well as when you play.

Improve your thinking in your practice by getting a better concept of what it is you want the body to do as you hit the ball. Improve your play by practicing the scoring shots from 50 yards in as you simultaneously train your body to hit these easy swinging shots more perfectly.

Improve your thinking on the golf course by being realistic in planning your shot so that every shot you play is easily within your capabilities. Perhaps this means not hitting a driver where there is even a small chance of having it get you in the kind of trouble that you could not easily get out of. Perhaps dropping down to a fairway wood could still get you into the same trouble? In that case why not hit the club that you are absolutely, positively sure that will not get you into trouble. Why not use the same thought pattern on your approach shots, play safe predictable shots and lower your scores by thinking in a chess player manner.

You may be surprised to find that 2 5 irons will get you to within 50 yards of most par 4s and perhaps on to the greens of the shorter ones. If you study my EzineArticles on the short game and use the short game actions to program your full swing you may be surprised to find how good you can get from 50 yards in.

Perhaps laying up short of the green and chipping on when you would have to hit the ball very well to stay clear of a lake or a menacing bunker. If you chip and pitch as well as I want you to you will still have a good chance of getting a par or even a birdie.

Thinking is the key to this game, improve your thinking and you will improve your play.

Source by Dan Shauger


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