It is absolutely possible to build a fantastic physique naturally and without the use of steroids. A strict natural bodybuilder workout has to be followed so this can be achieved. One trap that some fall into is trying to follow a professional body builder workout, so this article will explain why not to do that and some routine ideas that you can use yourself.

The largest tip and best advice I can give you is that when building a natural physique then the "less is more" theory applies. What exactly does that mean? Well, for your natural bodybuilders workout you need to make sure that your body gets an absolute minimum of 72 hours rest in between training muscle groups.

One of the most effective ways to do this and it will give you the maximum muscle gains from your efforts is the "push – pull" routine. By using this routine as your natural bodybuilders workout template you can not fail to experience muscle growth. Why is that? Because the muscles grow after you leave the gym not while you are in it training. Over training is the biggest killer of muscle growth and as soon as you understand that and do not over train you'll see amazing results.

Of course you still need to be disciplined in the areas of nutrition by getting the right amounts of protein, carbs, fats, nutritional supplements and sleep. Neglecting any of these in the slightest will slow down your progress.

For maximum growth it is recommended that you do a 3 day routine, either Monday – Wednesday – Friday or Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday. Lets call these routines "A" and "B". Do the push routine "A" on Monday, the pull routine "B" on Wednesday then repeat your "A" push routine again on Friday. Back to the pull routine "B" on Monday and continue to follow this cycle. The beauty of this program is that when you are doing your "pull" exercises like barbell curls you are not affecting your push muscles that you trained in your previous workout (ie; triceps), so your workout week should be along these lines.

Natural bodybuilding workouts that incorporate "push – pull" have been a mainstay for decades in gyms all over the world. Why? Because they deliver results. Also it is worth mentioning that to keep your body fat levels down you can also include cardiovascular exercise as well without having to worry about losing your hard earned muscle gains.

Source by Barry Cross


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